Bean Revival: 10 Creative Uses for Old Coffee Beans


Are you Looking for ways to use old coffee beans and reduce waste? When coffee beans reach their expiration date, they’re often discarded as useless. But here’s the good news: you no longer have to worry about that. Discover various creative uses for old coffee beans and grounds, and give these seemingly spent beans a chance to work wonders!

Creative Uses For Old Coffee Beans

Here are 10 creative ways to get extra value from your old coffee beans and grounds, reduce waste, and save money.

Help out your plants:


Plants take nutrients from the soil, and adding coffee grounds as a fertilizer is an excellent way to help them stay healthy.

Old coffee grounds contain high potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium chromium, and nitrogen content, and these great minerals help to fertilize plants.

Many fruit plants also benefit from the nitrogen in coffee grounds, such as blueberries and cranberries. Sprinkle coffee grounds around the plants in your garden or their pots as a fertilizer to help plants flourish, and this is an excellent way to be greener and save money on fertilizers!

Insect repellent:


It is irritating when you enjoy being outside, and mosquitos or other insects wreck the experience. Coffee grounds can be used as a natural pest repellant, and Coffee’s caffeine and other compounds help keep insects away, and even it helps keep fleas away from your pets.

Insects, like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and even lizards, hate the smell of Coffee, so old coffee beans can be ground and used to repel these pests. Put coffee grounds in an uncovered bowl or sprinkle them around for a natural insect repellent if you’re targeting an outdoor area.

Make Dessert and Snacks:


If you find yourself with extra coffee beans that are past their prime for brewing, don’t discard them just yet. These beans can be repurposed to create delicious desserts and snacks. The key is that their freshness isn’t as critical for these culinary creations. Even older espresso beans can be a great addition to your kitchen, lending their coffee flavor to cakes, ice cream, chocolate-covered beans, and other coffee-infused treats.

In the realm of baking, incorporating coffee into chocolate-based recipes is a clever move. Coffee has a remarkable ability to enhance and deepen the rich flavors of chocolate, adding a new dimension to your baked goods. For more insights into the versatility and safety of consuming coffee beans, check out our article on eating coffee beans.


Like other desserts, coffee ice cubes don’t require fresh Coffee to fill their need. You can add these to your iced coffees or cold brew.

Meat tenderizer:


Do you love a good, tender steak or some fantastic juicy chicken?

Yes, you can also tenderize meat with Coffee. It contains natural acids and enzymes, which make it productive at tenderizing meat without a meat hammer’s loud and tiring nature.

It can likewise fill in as a flavor enhancer or marinade. You can tenderize meat with Coffee as a dry rub or brewed, and give your dry rub no less than two hours to show its magic before cooking your meat.

Use it as a dye:


You can dye your clothes with Coffee! You may make a stunning brown shade with Coffee to dye your clothes. Relying on how intensely focused your shade is, it can create a faint or brown solid color. 

Grind the old coffee beans and brew them to construct a natural dye. You can control the color by brewing them stronger or softer, stronger will make a dark brown, and softer will make a light brown shade.

After brewing the coffee beans, pour them into a pot and bring them to a boil. After that, throw your fabric in boiled coffee water and stir it to ensure it is fully covered. Clothes must sit for at least an hour and sit longer to get a dark color. Pull the clothes out, place them in a chilly water tub, and rinse until they clear. Set the clothes in cold water with vinegar for approximately fifteen minutes to set the dye, and now your clothes are ready to use.

Use it for decor:


Old coffee beans are a fantastic tool for creating unique display pieces to decorate your home. Even some coffee stores and cafes usually have coffee beans displayed, and it’s a lovely decoration.

You can put the beans in a clear jar, display them on a shelf or table, or glue them to glass or wood. The fantastic thing about Coffee is that it stains, so there are endless possibilities. You can brew them into watercolor and dip your brush into creativity, and now you can have more fun with what you can make yourself.

Absorb unwanted odors:


Coffee is excellent for getting rid of odors from the air. Mineral content in coffee grounds responds with gases in the atmosphere, helping to stop nasty odors by absorbing them.

They are great in your refrigerator and freezer to neutralize strong smells such as garlic, onions, and other disfavored scents.

You can also use dry coffee grounds. To dry them, spread coffee grounds on a tray and leave them in direct sunlight to dry them. You can also dry them in an oven at 250 degrees, cooling them down after a bake.

Now you can make small bags of dried coffee grounds and use them as air fresheners in musty cabinets or wardrobes, in your garbage can, in shoes, or anywhere to eliminate odor and neutralize your home.

They can be composted once they have done their job!

Clean your dishes:

You can also use Coffee grounds to clean dirty dishes that a sponge can’t. It’s sufficient to gently remove food that sticks and won’t ruin your kitchenware.

Sprinkle old coffee grounds over pots, pans, or other crusty or grimy utensils, and scrub them away to remove the dirt using a sponge. Remember to rinse thoroughly after that. It’s a unique way to clean dishes.

Repair Wooden Furniture:


You can dye things brown with Coffee, which is handy when your loved wooden furniture suffers from scratch and exposes mild color.

Even wood-colored markers and paints are available in stores to handle such problems; you can use coffee grounds to dye naturally exposed wood brown.

To do this:

  1. Add some hot water to used coffee grounds to make a thick paste.
  2. Rub that paste on the scratches with a cotton bud and wait 5 to 10 minutes before wiping it off.
  3. Repeat this process after a few hours if a darker color is required until you achieve your desired shade.

Use on your hair:


Coffee does more than taste tremendous and supplies you with freshness when you need it. It is rich in many nutrients and vitamins that are good for hair.

Studies have shown caffeine can improve scalp blood circulation, which helps to control hair loss, boost growth, and make hair healthier, thicker, and longer.

What you’ll need:

  1. Brew 2 to 4 cups of old coffee grounds.
  2. Let the Coffee cool
  3. Wash your hair as usual.
  4. Spray or apply brewed Coffee to wet hair
  5. Massage gently into the scalp for 15 minutes 
  6. After 15 minutes, rinse it from your hair with cold or warm water

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Coffee beans are very versatile, and there are many unique uses for old coffee grounds or beans. For beauty, cooking, and housekeeping, coffee grounds or beans can be convenient when you need them.

These ideas will help you save money and enhance the environment. If you execute these ideas, you could get some yummy foods, stronger hair, help out your plants, and some more attractive gifts.

So in which way do you going to use your old coffee beans?