12 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis: Enjoy Coffee and Explore Twin Cities

Coffee Shop in Minneapolis

Coffee culture flourishes in Minneapolis’s dynamic urban environment, providing diverse experiences and tastes to please the most discerning coffee lovers. Minneapolis is home to some of the best coffee shops in the country, from the original home of the third-wave cafes to hidden treasures run by locals that reflect the city’s strong sense of community. The best coffee shops in Minneapolis are revealed as we journey through the city’s most aromatic places and coziest nooks. Whether you’re craving delicious roasts, a hip ambiance, or a warm sense of community, this guide will lead you to the best coffee Minneapolis offers. Indulge in the unique blend of flavors and tales that make these Minneapolis cafes among the best in the city.

The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

Embark on a flavorful journey through the vibrant streets of Minneapolis as we uncover the greatest cafes in Minneapolis that represent the city’s rich and diverse caffeinated landscape.

1. Northern Coffeeworks

Northern Coffeeworks Minneapolis

Located in the center of Minneapolis, Northern Coffeeworks is an excellent option for those who love coffee and want an amazing experience. They present a seamless fusion of sustainability and quality by roasting the coffee beans locally and in small batches. Usually, those beans originate from Colombia and Costa Rica. The sleek and understated environment makes it the ideal place for enjoying their meticulously made drinks. In addition to coffee, Northern Coffeeworks has a delicious selection of baked products and breakfast meals, which makes it a nice place to relax, study, or enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a busy coffee shop.

2. Five Watt Coffee

Five Watt Coffee Minneapolis

With its creative approach to creating outstanding coffee drinks, Five Watt Coffee is a rising star in the Twin Cities. Even though it’s new, this cafe has established a solid reputation as one of the greatest in Minneapolis. Apart from the typical coffee shop fare, Five Watt Coffee is known for its skill in creating drinks with a twist on cocktails. These delicious drinks use bitters and espresso to create unique low-alcohol drinks with amazing flavors. Five Watt has become a staple in Minnesota’s coffee culture due to its dedication to using only homemade syrups and the baristas’ unique touch. These factors foster a warm, inviting atmosphere.

3. Dogwood Cafe

Dogwood Cafe Minneapolis

In the bustling center of Minneapolis, Dogwood Cafe is a hidden gem that entices with its inviting ambiance and artisanal coffee service. Both locals and tourists love this quaint cafe because it has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Dogwood is dedicated to obtaining premium, ethically sourced coffee beans, yielding an absolutely amazing brew. Their skilled baristas expertly craft a variety of coffee drinks, from traditional lattes to imaginative and seasonal combinations. Delicious pastries and light bites are also available on the menu; they’re the ideal additions to your coffee experience. Dogwood Cafe provides a welcoming atmosphere where each cup is lovingly made, making it the perfect place to meet with friends or work in peace.

4. Isles Bun & Coffee

Isles Bun and Coffee Minneapolis

Isles Bun & Coffee, nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, is a beloved haven for those seeking a delectable blend of artisanal pastries and outstanding coffee. This charming cafe is renowned for its signature cinnamon rolls, which are legendary in the local culinary scene. Each roll is a masterpiece of flavor and texture, baked to perfection. Customers are drawn in by the aroma alone, and the first bite is a memorable experience. Various expertly made coffees pair well with their delectable pastries, making every visit a pleasurable gastronomic trip. The cozy and inviting atmosphere makes Isles Bun & Coffee a perfect spot to start your day or take a relaxing break.

5. Spyhouse Coffee

Spyhouse Coffee Minneapolis

Spyhouse Coffee, an iconic name in Minneapolis’ coffee culture, is a haven for those seeking a truly exceptional coffee experience. Every Spyhouse branch has several locations throughout the city and has its own distinct charm and personality. Their commitment to finding and roasting premium beans, which produce flawlessly brewed drinks, hasn’t changed. The modern yet cozy atmosphere invites customers to linger over their carefully prepared beverages, ranging from classic espressos to inventive seasonal concoctions. The skilled baristas are passionate about their craft, ensuring every cup is a testament to Spyhouse’s commitment to excellence.

6. Dunn Brothers Coffee

Dunn Brothers Coffee Minneapolis

Dunn Brothers Coffee, a famous Minneapolis cafe, stands as a testament to the art and craft of coffee roasting. With a commitment to sourcing the highest quality beans worldwide, Dunn Brothers prides itself on delivering a consistently excellent cup of coffee. The aroma of freshly ground beans fills the air, inviting customers to enjoy their meticulously brewed beverages. Alongside their diverse coffee menu, Dunn Brothers also offers a selection of freshly baked pastries and light bites, providing the perfect accompaniment to their expertly prepared brews. Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner to work or a friendly gathering spot, Dunn Brothers Coffee is a reliable go-to for coffee enthusiasts in Minneapolis.

7. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee Minneapolis

A well-known presence in Minneapolis’s coffee scene, Caribou Coffee is known for its cozy, welcoming ambiance and commitment to providing great coffee experiences. Caribou, which has its roots in Minnesota, has grown to be a popular destination for both residents and tourists. As customers walk in, the aroma of freshly roasted beans welcomes them and sets the mood for exploring the world of well made coffees. Caribou, which is well-known for its handcrafted beverages and signature mixes, has a wide menu to suit different tastes in coffee. It’s the perfect place for both social events and lone coffee contemplation because of the comfortable seating arrangements and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Nina’s Coffee Cafe

Nina's Coffee Cafe Minneapolis

Nina’s Coffee Cafe, nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, is a cherished gem known for its timeless charm and dedication to serving quality coffee. This cozy and inviting cafe offers a respite from the bustling city, providing a warm atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. With its rich history and commitment to community, Nina’s is not just a coffee shop; it’s something more for coffee lovers. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the comforting hum of conversation create an ambiance that invites patrons to linger over their expertly crafted beverages. Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner for contemplation or a friendly space to connect with others, Nina’s Coffee Cafe welcomes all who appreciate the art of a good cup of coffee.

9. Cafe Astoria

Cafe Astoria Minneapolis

Located in the center of Minneapolis, Cafe Astoria is a pleasant oasis for people looking for a classy yet cozy coffee experience. The cafe is well-liked by both locals and tourists due to its cozy and elegant atmosphere with a hint of Europe. Cafe Astoria is proud of its dedication to providing excellent coffee made with only the best beans. Customers can have a delectable voyage with the beautifully brewed beers, light nibbles, and pastries. Cafe Astoria is the perfect place for anything from a relaxed afternoon conference to a quiet morning coffee because of its attractive decor and professional service.

10. Milkweed

Milkweed Cafe Minneapolis

Milkweed, nestled in the vibrant city of Minneapolis, is a unique and artful addition to the local coffee scene. This cafe goes beyond the ordinary, offering customers not just a cup of coffee but an immersive experience. At Milkweed, there’s unusual decor, a dedication to presenting local artists, and a creative yet cozy vibe. The coffee menu features carefully curated blends, ensuring every sip’s rich and distinctive flavor. Milkweed is not just a cafe; it’s a cultural hub, hosting events and fostering a sense of community. Whether you’re there for a quiet morning coffee or to immerse yourself in the local arts scene, Milkweed offers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

  • Address: 3822 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406, United States
  • Hours: Open daily from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Phone: +1 612-353-4752
  • What to order: Smoke and Mirrors, Love Potion, Pumpkin In spice Latte

11. Corner Coffee

Corner Coffee Minneapolis

In Minneapolis’s center, Corner Coffee is a friendly neighborhood cafe that radiates warmth. It acts as a meeting place for residents and a refuge for coffee lovers because of its cozy and welcoming ambiance. The air is filled with the aroma of freshly made coffee, providing a cozy atmosphere for customers looking for a spot to meet up or take a break. The café offers a wide selection of expertly made coffees, teas, and delicious pastries, and it takes pleasure in its dedication to quality. With its welcoming staff and cozy seating, Corner Coffee fosters a sense of community within its walls and is the perfect place to start the day or unwind in the afternoon.

12. The Last Drop Cafe + Wine Bar

The Last Drop Cafe and Wine Bar Minneapolis

Nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, The Last Drop Cafe + Wine Bar offers a special blend of sophisticated wine and coffee culture. This unique place is more than simply a café; it’s a multipurpose hangout for a wide range of preferences. During the day, it provides carefully made coffee in a welcoming atmosphere, making it a paradise for coffee lovers. The Last Drop becomes a wine bar when the sun sets, welcoming guests to enjoy a well-chosen array of wines in a chic and cozy setting. A delicious combination of exquisite wines, coffee, light nibbles, and artisanal pastries make up the menu. The Last Drop is a place that appeals to individuals looking for a sophisticated and exciting wine and coffee experience because it can be enjoyed both during the day and at night.


Minneapolis boasts an eclectic mix of independent coffee shops and roasters, with a deep-rooted tradition in coffee brewing. No matter your coffee preference, the city offers a multitude of delightful spots to explore and enjoy a cup. When searching for the finest coffee in Minneapolis, particularly during the cozy winter months, we recommend visiting a selection of these cafes. If you find yourself in the Twin Cities, make sure to drop by the coffee spots on our list for an authentic taste of the local coffee culture.

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