Price: $78.98
(as of May 19,2024 11:30:45 UTC – Details)

【Large capacity】Coffee bean roaster is equipped with a roasting tray, which can roast 300-500g/1.1lb/17.6oz coffee beans at a time.Please take appropriate amount of coffee beans for roasting according to the needs,it works well in household use.
【Barista’s preference】0-240℃(0-464℉) temperature adjustable, suitable for coffee lovers to dark roast and light roast, I believe this will be a happy gift.
【Multi-use】This coffee bean roaster can be used not only to roast different amounts of coffee beans, but also to roast popcorn, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers seeds, dried fruits and other beans.
【Observe at any time】There are 4 ventilation holes on the transparent cover, which can observe the status of coffee beans at any time and record the changes of coffee beans. The glass cover is strong and heat-resistant, and has strong usability.
【Heat evenly】There is a stirring rod in the baking tray, which is constantly stirred during the baking process, so that the beans are heated more evenly. The bakeware adopts non-stick pan food grade paint, which is safe to use and easy to clean.